1. instagram-business:

    At Instagram, we’re always looking to inspire and empower brands to create beautiful and engaging imagery that resonates with our community of more than 200 million worldwide.

    We’ve heard from brands that having more insight into how people engage with and respond to their photos and videos is an…

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  5. "Yes, I have a dirty mind. And you’re on it"
  6. stevetrs:

    Rectangle Parallelepiped House is a private residence designed by Devyni Architektai.

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  9. Love! <3

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  11. ombuarchitecture:

    Taking a walk in Barcelona

    Keith Haring mural • Raval

    1-4 Own photo by Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture Studio

    5 Photo by Ferran Pujol ( via arxiufotografic.bcn.cat )

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